Hello there, calm evenings :)

Amy here ! My first post on my shops’s Tumblr ! Sweet :) I’m excited to have created this ! I do have my own personal Tumblr for all of those wondering ( amyypiee.tumblr.com ). I’ve had one since about 09’ I believe. Real long time. I honestly don’t remember how my first post was. But I’m pretty sure it was something lost-ish like this one, haha. Anyways, back to topic ! Welcome ! Hello ! For all who do not know, this is a blog to my shop on Etsy ! My shop is called Razzmatazztic ( Razz-ma-tazz-tic ). I sell vintage items and handmade crafts made by, well, me ! :D I make dreamcatchers and jewelry. I do plan on making some candles, home decor, and DIY kits in the near future ! I created this blog as a start to my journey of eventually creating my own website. It’ll be like this, only more professional ? Yes :) Here you’ll find new items coming soon, changes to my shop, fashion tips, other fashion ideas and ao much more ! Hopefully you enjoy all of this and maybe will find something you’ll love at my shop too ! You can visit my shop at etsy.com/razzmatazztic :) Enjoy everyone !